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Nigel SLS

Eckstein Spec Ski Review by Nigel Hoschke 

At the end of last season I decided that I needed a new surf ski and started testing a number of the skis available from the various manufactures. I purchased a carbon fibre Vajda ski and am extremely happy with the choice.

The seat and foot wells very well thought out. The seat is low which I was unsure of at first as I was used to high seats in kayaks. Fortunately the foot wells are even lower so you don’t get the sensation of paddling up hill you  find in other craft with low seats. The extra stability is really noticeable when paddling through the break, there is no hesitation when punching through waves or getting a little airborne. The foot wells are close together and there is a good recess under the legs so you can get maximum power from leg drive. The venturis are the biggest I have seen and drain the water from the foot wells fast. The adjustable foot rest is simple to adjust and solid when locked into place. It should make finding a buyer to fit the ski much easy when it eventually comes time to replace it with a new one.

The hull of the Vajda ski retains the flat tail design that I liked in my previous ski. The flat tail allows the ski to change direction easily which makes a huge difference at the turns in races or when chasing runs. The other advantage of skis with flatter tail is that swells coming from behind tend to lift the back of the ski more and pitch it down, making it easier to catch the runs and wave. The nose of the Vajda ski is narrow with the right amount of volume to help it pop over the white water rather than plow through it. The carbon fibre construction feels very strong and stiff. There is no hint of flex when landing over the back of a big wave. So far I have had a couple of wins and top three finishes. I am confident going into the NSW and Australian Championships that I have best craft available.

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